Wrongfully Accused of Rape in Austin, TX

An Austin criminal defense lawyer saved my life!

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When I was turned 21 I was super excited about going to my first party in Austin, TX. I spent the day hanging out with friends and we all went to get some alcohol for the party. The day went by and it was finally time to go to the party. We arrived at the party a little late but we got to spend a few hours hanging out with friends and some people I did not know. The party got over at midnight and we all went home.

After the Party in Austin, TX

The Next Week Brought Unwelcome News

I really had a great time at the party even if all I did was talk to my friends and drank a few beers. I really did not think much about the party until the next week. I was at my job when a police car arrived and two officers came into the store. They looked around and spoke with my boss. What happened next is something I will never forget! It was an instance that led to me being forced to hire an Austin criminal defense lawyer.

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

False Sexual Assault Allegations; A Criminal Matter

Along with my boss, the officers approached me and informed me that I was under arrest for sexual assault. After I was taken down to the police station in handcuffs a detective started asking me questions about the party I attended. I told him that I was only there for a few hours and that I and my friends had a few beers and then went home.

He told me that a girl who was at the party was raped.

He informed me that rape was a serious charge and that the girl said that I was the one who raped her. I was shocked and I even started to cry. I said that their claim was bullshit, and I demanded to contact a skilled Austin criminal defense attorney that is a long time friend of my family. I knew we would be the best attorney for fighting back against false allegations of sexual assault.

I Called an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finally, I Was Getting Justice

The girl who said I raped her was a girl I had never seen before. I was so upset that she would say that I did such a horrible thing. In the state of Texas, you will get many years behind bars for such a serious felony. My parents hired a criminal defense lawyer who came to the jail. He even hired a private investigator who looked into my case. After a few days and the good work of my lawyer, the girl who said I raped her changed her story.

She was afraid of her attacker and used my name when she was asked about being sexually assaulted. I was free to go home and very thankful that this nightmare was over. I feel very bad for the girl but I still to this day don’t know how she even knew my name.