When Innocent Men are Wrongfully Convicted

There are number of times in our society when innocent people are arrested, charged with a serious criminal offense, thrown in jail. Any time this happens to someone it’s a serious situation, it’s not easy to deal with, and the person charged wants to get out of the situation as soon as they possibly can.

In other cases, the district attorney doesn’t give a damn about whether or not the defendant is guilty or innocent, they just want the conviction they are after. In any case both of these situations, in combination with weak suspects/defendants, can lead to false confessions which will eventually lead to false convictions, or, as commonly referred to, wrongful convictions.

And this was the case with one Frank Johnny, a person purported to be innocent of a crime he was accused and subsequently convicted of, and later executed for. The whole situation started out in, Amarillo, Texas back in October 1981. Everyone knows that Cuban committed the offense, but convicting an innocent man was too much for the prosecution to walk away from.

Unfortunately, in this case the pathetic law enforcement in Amarillo, Texas went to the links of hiring a psychic who conveniently dreamed up details in this murderous panhandle case. Then, the police found a retarded kid to pin the crime.