There is No Such Thing as a Minor Criminal Offense

In the state of Texas, being found guilty of the offense of Possession of Marijuana means normally being slapped on the wrist with a light misdemeanor charge and a small monetary fine. However, in major cases involving the selling, trafficking and distribution of the drug, you may be looking at an enhanced first degree felony which carries a sentence of anywhere from 5-99 years state penitentiary.criminal_law

A Minor Misdemeanor

Any smart Houston criminal justice attorney will tell you; “There is no such thing as a minor criminal charge”.

There is sound reasoning behind this seemingly unforgiving position.

At the end of the day there are two types of people in the world.

  1. People with criminal records.
  2. People without criminal records.

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but the facts are the facts. We are not entitled to our own facts so the concept is very “sound”.

Simply having a criminal background can disqualify you from holding a number of job positions and always results in extra suspicion when dealing with law enforcement and government agencies. Even using marijuana while on parole can land you back in prison for the remainder of what are normally lengthy jail sentences.

Talk With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal background laden with records of arrests related to any criminalized and controlled substance will result in detrimental effects on your good name, and your future. Court appearances and face-offs with the criminal prosecutors are a real challenge without the assistance a battle tested criminal defense lawyer. If you are looking at a court date in Harris County, Texas and need a good criminal defense attorney to back you up and fight for you in the court of law, we recommend talking with a number of criminal defense lawyers in Houston prior to making your final decision.

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