The Failure of America

We’re failing in this country (The United States of America) in every way possible. The fall of America is coming fast with our failed monetary policy, unlimited wars, and lack of an educated populace thanks to the U.S. Government being in control of the education system. Next up? Government control of healthcare in full “fail” form. Heck, the government healthcare plan is already causing premiums to go up and causing panic in the insurance industry among customers and vendors.


Its amazing how easily the county can be taken when there is a fake ass president at the helm. The man is as much as a failure as the one who came before him in every way possible.

Barack Obama is the worse disease that could have ever hit the United States of America and hopefully the next president will dial back most of the damage by him and Bush.

I bet the men who stormed the shores of Normandy are turning in their graves at the outright strip down of rights from Americans.