The Destruction of Downtown Houston Continues For That Stupid Train

Rant Start.

I went downtown to the office the other day only to notice that the streets are still being slimmed down, destroyed, and with the stupidity of cutting off “Main Street” at the middle, even blocked.


For what? For that damn MetroRail that I regret voting for.

In a city the size of Houston, a rail system will never be enough to have any reasonable purpose other than to shuttle people around until they can afford their own personal transportation. Lets not forget to point out, of-coarse, those retarded greenie-weenies that think monorail and public transportation really matter in a world with super major polluters like China and people like me who enjoy their freedom.

As I have grown wiser, I feel the concept of public transportation and other socialist measures are simply new ways to control people who are weak and poor enough to be subjected to the control of a small few who will do and kill anything to get elected.

Rant End.

Update: For another take on this public works debacle, check out this blog post: What Houston Metro (and ChronBlog) wants MetroRail to be vs. what it actually is.