The Best Private Detective Service in Houston

If you’re looking to hire a private detective service in Houston, or a “Private Eye” or “private investigator”, as they’re often referred to, then you’ll find a number of different agencies listed online, and in the yellow pages. The goal of anyone looking to hire anyone else for a service is to get the best service they can get, and rest assured, we’ll be sharing a couple of links to private investigators that we recommend.

Why Do People Hire Private Investigators?

Individuals hire private detectives for a number of different reasons which can include anything from looking for stolen property, to helping a criminal defense lawyer with investigations related to a murder trial. Not only do individuals hire private eyes, but corporations and law enforcement agencies do as well for a number of reasons.

Main Reasons Private Investigators are Hired

  • In some cases, private investigators are hired for security evaluations.
  • For competitive reasons like corporate spying and due diligence.
  • Other forms of corporate investigations like property theft and embezzlement.
  • Investigations into civil rights violations.
  • For reasons involving GPS Tracking and the use of other covert technologies as counter measures.
  • Investigations into white collar crimes and other criminal conspiracies.
  • Asset discovery, family law, cheating and infidelity investigations.
  • Criminal defense and litigation; defending people from false allegations.

Looking for the Best Houston Private Investigator?

We don’t recommend other businesses very often on this blog, but when we do, you can be assured that they’ve been vetted, talked with, and had lunch with, at least 10% of the time. With that said, we’ve listed the best private detectives in the Houston area below.

The private detective and investigators listed above are full service professional agencies based in Texas, in or near the Houston area. They look forward to answering any questions you have about the services they offer, and the costs related to the service.

The Best Private Detective Services in Houston, TX