The Best Option for Houston DWI Defendants

In Houston, DWI offenses are quite the common reason for arrest for most of the people who find themselves at the Harris County jail. There’s no mystery as to how the crime happens. In fact, most of the people who get caught driving drunk don’t realize they’re drunk until some cops slaps the cuffs on their ass. I’ve seen it a thousands times, would-be innocent people who have too much to drunk while they’re out enjoying the Houston nightlife, only to find themselves being pulled over by Houston Police Department officers or deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Although the first offense is a misdemeanor offense per Texas law, it’s not uncommon for these case to be enhances to serious felonies in certain circumstances. If you know you’ll be prosecuted for a DWI in Houston, it’s advisable to seek out a qualified DWI lawyer like Tad Nelson as soon as possible.


Texas Drunk Driving Convictions

Texas Driver License Suspension

If an individual is convicted of a crime, the penalties can painful, pesky, and costly. For starters, you’ll lose your ability to drive in the state of Texas legally. Your Texas Driver License is suspended in an extra-judicial proceeding referred to as an Administrative License Revocation or ALR for short. This always occurs prior to your first court date, so you’ll need to hire an attorney for that hearing, and shell out even more money to move around in a city as large as Houston. Let’s not forget about the cost of bonding out of jail in the first place, then the fees associated with getting your towed car back. As you can see, the fees and costs of a DWI arrest will mount and stack up to an insurmountable amount.

Conviction & Jail

If a person is convicted of DWI, the penalty they’ll face is contingent on the severity of the offense they’re charged with. For misdemeanor offenders they penalty can be as stiff as one full year in the county jail, while felony drunk driving convicts could face up to life in prison. It’s not common for felony DWI offenders to be sentenced to life, but in cases of habitual offenders and cases of intoxication manslaughter, a life sentence is a real possibility if you aren’t represented by a seasoned DWI lawyer like Tad Nelson.

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The Best Option for Houston DWI Defendants