Sexual Assault & Texas Law

There’s not a month that goes by in Harris County when there’s not a number of arrests or allegations of sexual assault. When matters involving sex crimes are brought to the attention of Texas prosecutors, there is often hell to pay. However, those accused, whether guilty or innocent, need not panic or make rash moves like cutting deals with prosecutors. Such an action could lead to detrimental consequences for the offender. The first of which is agreeing that you did the crime. Don’t do that. The best option for an individual caught up in a situation like this, is to contact an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer.

What is Sexual Assault or Rape?

Rape Offenses & Texas Law

If a person makes sexual contact with a person without their consent, it’s considered rape or sexual assault in Texas which is a harshly pursued offense in Harris County, Texas. Other definitions include making contact with a person’s anus or their mouth or causing them to touch your genitals or you to touch theirs. Causing your sexual organ to go into someone’s mouth is also defined as sexual assault in the state of Texas.

Also, if a person was knocked-out or incapacitated for whatever reason, and sexual contact was made with them it’s considered sexual assault. If a person threatened to use violence to force compliance in the victim, then the charge could be enhanced to aggravated sexual assault. If convicted of the offense in a Texas courtroom, the results could prove to be dire.

Criminal Penalties if Convicted of Rape in Texas

Sexual Assault; A Felony Offense in Houston

When a defendant is convicted of sexual assault in Texas, the offense is classified as a 2nd Degree felony offense and the penalties for this crime are stiff. Aside from the hefty $10,000.00 fine, the defendant could be sentenced to a whopping 20 years in a correctional facility that’s operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Then, they might even be forced to register as a sex offender as a condition of their release.

Aggravated sexual assaults are classified as 1st-degree felonies in Texas which could mean a life sentence. Then, when in prison, the defendant could further be victimized by justice warriors in the prison system who don’t take kindly to rapists and sexual predators in their midst.

Even if you’re guilty, it’s best to hire a lawyer with experience defending people charged with sexual assault. It could mean the difference between a short sentence or a term of 30 years or more.

Per Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, anyone convicted of a sexual assault offense is required by law to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life with their local law enforcement authority. This is the law. Failure to comply will result in additional penalties.

Sexual Assault & Texas Law