Finding the Right Galveston Family Law Firm

In the United States it is estimated that as many as 50% of new marriages end in divorce. With this sad reality serving as a current truth, it’s important to take note of the importance of having an experienced family law attorney on your side when dealing with matters related to separation and divorce.

Child Custody Litigation

When the situation involves litigation related to children being involved in the marriage, that must be split apart by the courts, often times, the court will do what’s best for the children. The state of Texas takes pride in legal proceedings in which children are seen as the most important facet when it comes to family law litigation in Texas. In Galveston this is especially true due to the tightknit nature of the communities and the tight bonds in relationships formed in the community.

Assets & Property

Another major complication that serves to be a parent in most issues relating to family law, separations, marital agreements, and divorces, are matters of finances, assets, and property. With Texas serving as a community property state, it’s in a man’s best interest to find the absolute best divorce lawyer that they can find if they expect to have any piece of their hide left over after the legal ordeal is over.

Mediation Proceedings

Oftentimes, in Galveston County courts, judges require a licensed mediator to intervene an attempt to settle the divorce outside of court, prior to scheduling any court hearings related to the division of assets such as cars, houses, land, and boats. With the Galveston Bay area being popular for boating, serious battles can erupt over boats and yachts. Therefore the need for mediation. Even if it fails, at least during mediation all parties will have a full knowledge of the demands of the other, without using precious courtroom time to forge these conclusions.

Seek a Qualified Family Law Firm

If you’re planning to file for divorce in Galveston, then it’s important to make sure that the lawyer representing you isn’t a jack of all trades attorney. It’s important to have legal representation that realizes a sound strategy for representing claimants during divorce court proceedings. It’s usually best for men to be represented by female lawyers, and females to be represented by male lawyers. It’s usually a good look to have the opposite sex as a mediator during any battle with spouses.