Protect Your Interest: Fight Houston Criminal Charges

The Arrest

You can’t count the times that people never see the arrest that they are about to suffer coming over the horizon. Generally what happens is the suspect is driving a vehicle, they’ll notice bright lights behind them, flashing red and blue lights and a siren shortly thereafter. At this point anyone in their right mind would be startled and this is also the case with criminals. They make absolute most silliest of decisions when not thinking with their best of brains. And as we all know, criminals do not think with best of brain. Before you know it, that cruiser behind you has pulled you over, remove you from the vehicle, searched your person, slapped cuffs on your wrist, and threw your ass in the backseat.

Reality Sets In

At this point during the arrest the reality of the situation sets in. While you in the backseat of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s squad car blazing down either Interstate 10, Interstate 45, Interstate 69, US Highway 59, or any other freeway leading into downtown Houston towards the Harris County Jail you begin to accept the fact that you’re not going home tonight. You’re going to sleep in a filthy jail cell in downtown Houston. At this point, the reality and severity of the situation normally overcomes the person who was arrested. Clearly it’s time to take action.

Taking Legal Actions In Your Interest

The minute after you jailed you need to start making plans to take some form of action to get yourself out. Generally, when suspects are in the holding cell at the Harris County Jail they will use the inmate phones to place a free phone call. However, phones are usually crowded in this section of the Harris County Jail and you won’t be getting out soon anyway so it’s best to wait until you are fully booked to make your phone calls. However, if you’re like most folks, who don’t remember cell phones by heart anymore due to the convenience provided by smart phones, you may want to take advantage of that free phone access to make sure that you make all the necessary phone calls needed to secure your bond, legal representation, and your release from prison.

Harris County Jail
Image Source: NY Times

You won’t be able to bond out until you get your bond amount from the judge so there’s no need to rush. Rushing as pointless as you don’t control the process anyway. One of the best things you can do with your free phone calls is to arrange a property release. That way you can call the person you released your items to and you can get the phone numbers you need to conduct business from jail. And this is very important business, the business of freedom.

Finding A Houston Criminal Lawyer

The minute you bond out of jail you want to take your time and find the best Houston, TX criminal defense lawyer that you can find that specializes in criminal defense matters. If you’ve been arrested for misdemeanor criminal offense you will not have to endure such high expenses for suitable legal representation.

However, if you were charged with a felony criminal offense by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office you’ll need to take serious consideration into which Houston criminal defense attorney you hire to represent you. I wouldn’t immediately release retainer fees to any attorney until after you’ve studied their credentials, check for criminal defense lawyer reviews online, and have checked with the State Bar of Texas to ensure that your perspective legal representation has not been disciplined for any reason.