June 2014

Accused Kansas City Ponzi Schemer Arrest By Federal Authorities

Ephren Taylor, once a financial adviser to congregants from some of the most prominent mega-churches in the country, was arrested today on federal fraud charges. The Department of Justice announced in a news release that Taylor, 31, was arrested on a federal indictment charging him and his business partner with “defrauding investors across the country […]

Crimes, Money, and Death

Houston law enforcement agencies are always in hot pursuit of persons suspected of committing criminal offenses as defined by the Texas Criminal Code. In most cases, law enforcement gets their man as a result of good police-work, eyewitness testimony, or a careful examination of evidence. In some cases, law enforcement officers make errors when executing […]

The Failure of America

We’re failing in this country (The United States of America) in every way possible. The fall of America is coming fast with our failed monetary policy, unlimited wars, and lack of an educated populace thanks to the U.S. Government being in control of the education system. Next up? Government control of healthcare in full “fail” […]